Lakeview Equity Partners, LLC - About Us

An Experienced Team of Professionals

The principals of Lakeview Equity Partners, LLC have a broad base of experience as chief executives, investors and operators. Prior to forming Lakeview Equity, all had worked together extensively in offering a variety of financial services, advice and investment assistance to companies throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest.


W. Kent Velde

William E. Read

Ted D. Kellner

Gordon H. Gunnlaugsson

William J. Abraham, Jr.

Managing Director

Joseph M. Cesarz

Lakeview Equity Partners LLC maintains a flexible investment policy but follows these general guidelines:

• Investments per transaction of $1.0 to $5.0 million
• Controlling or significant minority investments
• Equity or subordinated debt with warrants
• Partnering with other private equity investors
• Maintaining a diversified portfolio

The mission of Lakeview Equity Partners LLC is to identify and invest in strong and well managed middle market companies. It is focused on long term value creation and capital appreciation. The Principals are not operators and rely on management teams to execute agreed upon strategies.


Lakeview Equity Partners LLC invests in companies that present opportunities to create value through company growth and/or operational improvements.

Investment Criteria

Lakeview Equity Partners LLC invests in companies that meet the following criteria:

• Proven management team with strong operational skills and solid strategic vision
• Management team with a financial stake in the company’s success
• Stable and profitable track record
• Positioned in a strong, defensible market with above average growth potential
• Realistic and understandable exit strategy
• Sustainable competitive advantages
• Mature or growth-oriented industry

Transaction Types

Lakeview Equity Partners LLC will generally make investments that fall into one of the following categories:

Management buyouts
Lakeview Equity invests with management teams to acquire privately held companies. Once they have been acquired, these companies operate on a stand alone basis under the leadership and direction of the management team, who will be given significant operating autonomy and meaningful ownership in the company.

Lakeview Equity provides owners of family-held businesses with the opportunity to gain liquidity while retaining significant ownership and operational control.

Growth Capital
Lakeview Equity provides capital to companies which have encountered a growth opportunity such as strategic acquisitions or new product development, when the opportunity requires outside capital resources.

Industry Preferences

Lakeview Equity Partners LLC will consider a wide range of investment opportunities. Preferred industries include:

• Niche manufacturing
• Business services
• Food processing and packaging
• Specialty distribution
• Financial services

Company Characteristics

In evaluating companies as investment opportunities, Lakeview Equity Partners LLC looks for the following characteristics:

• Enterprise values ranging from $5 to $50 million
• Stable and consistent cash flow
• Conservative and flexible capital structures
• Midwestern location or focus
• Proven growth and carefully projected future growth potential


Kent Velde, President